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Your Payoff Personality Is The Spark

As The Spark, you're passionate, expressive and intense. When it comes to goals, you don't like to settle for second best and can be anxious or lose your temper when things go wrong.
9% of Americans are The Spark
See Your Financial Habits

Financial Habits of The Spark

You bring up-and-down emotions to your financial decisions and tend to impulsively buy things because you think they may relieve your stress. And your creativity helps you solve your financial issues.
  • 1
    You tend to make impulse purchases and sometimes even binge shop.
  • 2
    You can allow your emotions to influence your spending behavior.
  • 3
    You don't always stay on top of your finances and bank accounts.
  • 4
    You listen to positive criticism about your spending patterns.
  • 5
    You consider yourself to be good at shopping because you find great deals.
  • Learn how to improve your financial wellness

Try seeking others' opinions and ideas to expand your financial knowledge.

Consider a financial planner or friend to help you manage your finances.

Create an account solely for impulse buys and an emergency fund to reduce stress from sudden expenses.

Keep the big picture of improving your long-term credit in mind when making decisions. Read More »

If you miss a monthly goal, don’t let disappointment derail you.

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