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Your Payoff Personality Is The Rock

As The Rock, you're logical, confident and even-tempered. You don't jump into situations without first thinking through the short- and long-term results of your actions.
11% of Americans are The Rock
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Financial Habits of The Rock

You bring emotional stability to your finances. You don't buy things impulsively, avoid splurges and focus on improving your finances through hard work and dedication.
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    You rarely spend impulsively or allow emotions to affect your financial decisions.
  • 2
    You tend to bounce back quickly from financial losses.
  • 3
    You avoid new tools or methods for handling your finances.
  • 4
    You find it difficult to share financial information with family and friends.
  • 5
    You're capable of creatively solving your financial issues.
  • Learn how to improve your financial wellness

Try seeking others' opinions and ideas to expand your financial knowledge.

Allow your friends and family be supportive as you work toward financial goals.

Act sooner rather than later on your long-term financial goals. Read More »

Try to focus on the little stuff in your personal finances now and again.

Don’t let long-term goals distract you from your short-term successes.

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