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Your Payoff Personality Is The Guardian

As The Guardian, you're conventional, patient and down-to-earth. You're a creature of habit who loves routines and avoids the uncertainty and stress associated with breaking the rules.
14% of Americans are The Guardian
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Financial Habits of The Guardian

You bring predictability to your finances, so you stick to a budget and already have an emergency savings fund. But avoiding risks can cause you to miss out on new ways to make or manage your money.
  • 1
    You don't reach out to others for support for financial issues.
  • 2
    You keep a strict budget and avoid impulsive spending.
  • 3
    You actively analyze your finances and don't break from habits or plans.
  • 4
    You tend to avoid high risks, no matter the potential rewards.
  • 5
    You avoid new tools and strategies for financial planning.
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Don’t be afraid to try something new once in a while.

Consider seeking out others’ opinions, suggestions and ideas.

Try to focus on the positive instead of dwelling on negative financial outcomes. Read More »

Reward yourself for small wins to keep yourself on track.

Without being impulsive, step out of your comfort zone sometimes.

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