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Your Payoff Personality Is The Adventurer

As The Adventurer, you are curious, imaginative and accepting. You never stop believing in yourself and are happiest when you're learning or discovering something new.
8% of Americans are The Adventurer
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Financial Habits of The Adventurer

You may not love the details involved in financial planning and tend to keep a loose hold on your finances, but you still keep track of your income, pay your bills on time and rarely spend impulsively.
  • 1
    You're willing to try new financial tools to change habits and curb spending.
  • 2
    You tend to make risky choices in your career and finances.
  • 3
    You may become enamored by new experiences leading you to overspend.
  • 4
    You don't prioritize financial planning and can easily stray from a budget.
  • 5
    You stay calm when working through your financial issues.
  • Recommendations for The Adventurer

Use your creativity to build stable plans for future adventures.

Establish an emergency fund to reduce stress when you hit rough patches.

Separate your wants from your needs when spending money.

Give purchases extra thought before pulling the trigger. Read More »

Make a plan, stick with it and reward yourself for hitting small goals.

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